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Solar energy

Solar energy plays an important role in the transition to a sustainable society. The energy that reaches the earth's surface every day in the form of sunlight is 8,000 times greater than what humanity uses in a year. Solar cells are a way to take advantage of this energy and convert it into renewable electricity.

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What is solar energy?
Solar energy comes from the sun's light and is both fossil-free and renewable. This means that it has a minimal impact on the climate compared to coal and oil. Solar energy does not cause any emissions during operation. The energy consumption in the production of solar cells and solar collectors is small in comparison with the amount of energy that can be produced during its lifetime.

Our offer
Rabbalshede Kraft offers solutions for both large-scale and medium-sized facilities in solar power. Large-scale solutions often involve facilities that are mounted on the ground and medium-sized solutions usually involve large roof installations.

Medium-sized facilities
We build on both roofs and land and focus on industry and companies with high energy consumption and relatively large roofs. A typical installation would be 200-500kW in size. Rabbalshede Kraft owns the installation on the customer's property and delivers renewable electricity locally from the solar plant to the customer. For the customer, this means a lower total cost for electricity and no expensive investments.

Large-scale facilities
Rabbalshede Kraft builds solar parks of MW size that feed electricity into the electrical grid. Rabbalshede Kraft can own and operate the solar park with an electricity agreement (PPA) with the customer or sell the facility directly to the customer. For large-scale facilities, there is also the possibility of creating a combined PPA with both solar and wind power, in which electricity production from one of our wind farms is also included. Rabbalshede Kraft is a leading player in hydrogen development in Sweden. This means we can offer a hydrogen installation which can be included in the solar park.