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Our great knowledge makes us a trustworthy partner coming to wind power. We manage the establishment of your wind turbines with industrialized processes from planning to construction.

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A thorough analysis of the project’s prerequisites is necessary for successfully establishing wind farms. In addition to technology, we review different economic, social and environmental aspects before every business decision. A good analysis means consultations and regulatory assessments can be completed easily and efficiently.

We conduct our environmental work with the support of our environmental management system and have been certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 since 2010.

1. Planning
2. Application
3. Procurement
4. Construction

In the first phase of project development, we evaluate the conditions for establishing new wind power. This means analyzing wind and ground conditions as well as identifying local interests.

Wind turbine noise and visibility affect the local environment. An essential part of the planning is balancing placement and design of the wind farm to minimize impact on the surroundings while still realizing the area’s potential for electricity production.

We manage leasehold agreements with landowners and the consultation process with authorities, neighbors and any local interest organizations. We rely on biologists, archeologists and other experts as needed for further studies. If the conditions are correct, wind measurements commence, which can continue for up to two years.


When planning is finished, a permit application and an environmental impact assessment are submitted to the county administrative board for consideration in accordance with the Environmental Code. The county administrative board will only grant a permit for an application if the project has already been approved by the municipality.

Municipal approval in line with the Environmental Code and a building permit will suffice for smaller wind farms with up to six turbines that have a tip height of 150 meters and which cannot be deemed to have a significant environmental impact.

If no appeal is submitted, the decision gains legal force after three weeks. Appeals are sent to the Land and Environment Court and potentially on to the Land and Environment Court of Appeal.

Modern wind turbines are more efficient than previous generations Many granted permits have become inadequate for the larger capacity made possible by rapid technology development and most applications to the county administrative board are consequently about adjusting existing permits.


We provide additional estimates about production, sound and shadows when potential building permits and other permits have gone into effect. These estimates set the standard for our procurement of wind turbines, electricity work, contracting work, and for other technology.

In procurements with suppliers, we conduct a supplier assessment that covers environmental-, quality- and financial analyses. We’ve installed wind turbines from established manufacturers such as Siemens, Vestas, Nordex and Enercon in our wind farms.


To create local job opportunities, we prefer hiring contractors with local or regional connection to build the roads and parking areas. The assembling of wind turbines and conducting of trial operations are being done by the turbine suppliers.

An internal power grid is built at the wind farm and is then connected to the national grid by the electricity companies that own the adjacent networks.

The size of the wind farms and their boundaries are determined by factors such as wind conditions, sound, nature values and cultural values. The conditions governing the establishment of wind farms are stated in the permit, and it’s essential for us that the construction affect the local environment as little as possible. A control plan is prepared at the start of the construction phase to ensure compliance with the conditions stated in the permit.


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