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More than a third of our total electricity production comes from wind turbines we manage on behalf of other wind power owners. Our focus is on delivering top production at a life cycle cost as low as possible.

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Lars Jacobsson

Operation Manager

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We manage wind turbines from many different manufacturers, and our technicians stay up to date with the development of the industry. As a result, our production-based availability reaches 98–99% for both our own wind turbines and for the ones we manage.

At Rabbalshede Kraft you have a personal representative for all your questions regarding wind power. Our total solution for technical and commercial management services allows you to get more control over your renewable energy investments without having to manage an organization of your own. Our solutions are cost-effective thanks to our economies of scale and our collective bargaining power.

We can’t do anything about a lack of wind. But when it blows, we make sure that the wind turbines deliver.

Technical Management
Commercial Management

Maximizing wind power investment is about two things: boosting production value as high as possible and making sure that generation goes as well as possible.

Facilities need to be in peak condition to ensure there’s always good availability. We do this through planned service when electricity price and generation are low.

With our “Technical management” service, our service team keeps your facilities in peak condition. Our service employees all have long experience and specialist competence at your service.

“Our wind power technicians have the highest level of training according to the standards defined by Global Wind Organisation.”
Fredrik Bernhardsson, Technical Manager

Working for us as a wind power technician is varied and full of responsibility, which means that we have long-term, loyal employees who can offer personally engaged service. For every large wind turbine manufacturer, we have two specialist employees.

Asset management is carried out according to procedures certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. We guarantee a safe working environment and ensure that operations follow the Environmental Code.


Asset Management

  • Monitor and control the power production
  • Production optimization
  • Monthly and annual reports on production, availability and major incidents
  • Negotiation and verification of warranty, availability, insurance cases
  • Plan and report to balance responsible party
  • Minor services and refurbishment of spare parts

Work environment and safety

  • Establishment of work environment plan and annual environmental reports
  • Annual inspection to ensure compliance with work environment and safety policies
  • Ensure that electrical installation liability is accompanied

Facility management

  • Review and monitor service suppliers according to existing contracts
  • Advisory services in contract-related issues


  • Communication with net owners, service suppliers, landowners and authorities.

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ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001:2015


Take control of your investment without building your own organization. Our team of experts assist you with commercial management in order for you to continue developing your business.

We understand the complex interface between technology and finance, which makes us a reliable and trusted partner for you. Our expertise in wind power results in lower costs. We create tailormade solutions to fulfill your specific needs.



  • Preparation of annual budget and liquidity planning
  • Invoice management
  • VAT accounting
  • Administration of contract management
  • Administration of electricity certificates and guarantees of origin


  • Administration of issues related to authorities concerning taxes and statistics
  • Tax and debt reports
  • Final accounts and annual board report
  • Preparing the administration report, economic accounting and audits
  • Managing key figures
  • Standard reports


  • Cost-effective control


  • Advisory services in energy-related hedging
  • Advisory services in financial hedging


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