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Electricity trading agreement

The electricity we produce is sold via Nord Pool, but we can also sign long-term electricity trading agreements directly with businesses and organizations that want to show that they make meaningful choices.

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A long-term power purchase agreement means that all power production of a wind farm is bought by the buyer of the agreement. We have such an agreement with Google, for example, who buys electricity correspondent to the amount of electricity produced in our wind farm in Lyrestad outside Mariestad.

Such an agreement makes it possible for you to strengthen your business’s environmental profile, thereby improving your brand image.

According to a report prepared by Kairos Future for Jämtkraft, consumers’ expectations and requirements have changed. Sustainability has become a question of values — what consumers think and feel — rather than of laws and regulations. Two thirds of consumers think that it’s important for energy to be produced in an environmentally friendly way.

A long-term power purchase agreement is an easy way to guarantee sustainable electrical energy at a fixed and attractive price and allows you to show exactly where the electricity comes from.

Environmental awareness is a megatrend