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Green hydrogen

The Green Hydrogen

Den gröna vätgasen
County :

Lilla Edet

Production :

1 MW

Start :

December 2023

A unique collaborative project

During autumn 2020, Rabbalshede Kraft and Euromekanik initiated a collaboration project that will provide 100% green hydrogen with the help of wind power. The goal is to open up new possibilities for knowledge exchange and technology development for sustainable production of green hydrogen

Why do we want to do this?

We are constantly working to expand our offer in renewable energy, with the ambition of finding new ways forward towards a sustainable transition. In the transition to a fossil-free society, we see hydrogen as an opportunity for the necessary synergy between the energy, industry and transport sectors. This has become ever so clear with the EU’s heavy investments in sustainable development, where green hydrogen is highlighted as a cornerstone for achieving a climate-neutral Europa by 2050. 

At Rabbalshede Kraft, we have the unique ability to produce green hydrogen with the electricity generated in our solar and wind farms. Since our renewable facilities are strategically located close to highways and industries, we can easily deliver the hydrogen directly to potential customers. Our concept is to connect the hydrogen plant directly in the renewable asset’s internal electricity grid and only using the asset’s electricity production as input to the green hydrogen production. In other words, we do not buy electricity from the electricity grid. Moreover, the only input is water (H20) to receive the products green hydrogen, oxygen gas and heat.

During the pilot project, we looked at different options for locating our hydrogen facility and came to the conclusion that our wind farm Högen is the most ultimate place for this pilot project. The reason for this is the park's size, conditions and location near the industrial cluster in Stenungssund and  Gothenburg.

What is green hydrogen?

The raw materials in our green hydrogen production are, as previously mentioned, electricity from wind turbines and water. It works like this: we build a hydrogen plant adjacent to our renewable park in Högen and connect it to the park’s internal electricity grid. Then, we can either feed the electricity generated in the park to the grid or directly into an electrolyser, which, together with water, forms 100% green hydrogen and residual products in the form of oxygen and residual heat. The green hydrogen, as well as possible oxygen and heat, is planned to be delivered locally/regionally to customers, either via pipelines or road transport. We hope that the pilot project will teach us how we can use the byproducts of oxygen and heat.

Since this is a pilot facility, we have limited the power in the electrolyser to only 1 MW, which can give a maximum of about 5,500 MWh/year, which corresponds to a maximum of about 450 kg of hydrogen per day. The facility will need a land area of ​​approx. 50 x 30 m. Water consumption at maximum hydrogen production is approx. 8.5 cubic meters per day.

Hydrogen production will not run at full capacity all the time, but will vary depending on whether all wind power electricity is sold directly to the grid or whether we choose to make green hydrogen from part of the wind power electricity.

During spring 2022 we submitted all permit applications required by the authorities was submitted.


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