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Continued growth with well-known majority shareholder for Rabbalshede Kraft

Treïs and Ernst Rosen have sold their shareholding in Rabbalshede Kraft AB to the TD Greystone Infrastructure Fund, whose shareholding thus increases from 35% to 87%. This is a natural step that is expected when we want to continue current growth and the drive to broaden our renewable energy offering.

Since Rabbalshede Kraft was founded in 2005, our driving force has been to actively participate in the transition to a more sustainable energy system. Today, we are an established, long-term player in renewable energy with the ability to develop, operate, own and manage land-based wind power.

The commitment of our three main owners to renewable energy in the Nordic region has been instrumental in supporting Rabbalshede Kraft’s growth and our ambition to act for the long term. As we now take the next steps in our journey with increased growth plans within renewable energy, we do so with the support of a single majority, large scale institutional shareholder that has been a strong partner to us since 2017.

Treïs and Ernst Rosen have been important, long-term shareholders in Rabbalshede Kraft, supporting the development of the asset portfolio, service offering and maturation of the organisation since 2013 and 2007 respectively. Following a shift in strategic focus, both Treis and Ernst Rosen have now jointly decided to sell their shareholding in the Company to the TD Greystone Infrastructure Fund. This transaction delivers continuity for the business as well as a singular, strong financial partner to support continued development.

With the TD Greystone Infrastructure Fund as the single majority owner, we continue our profitable growth journey within a long-term ownership structure and a clear mission to, together with partners and local actors, shape tomorrow's sustainable and renewable energy. We want to challenge ourselves and the industry by developing new profitable ways to produce and refine renewable energy.

Stine Rolstad Brenna                                                            Peter Wesslau                                                                                 

Chair, Rabbalshede Kraft AB                                                CEO, Rabbalshede Kraft AB

This is Rabbalshede Kraft

Rabbalshede Kraft AB (publ) develops and establishes onshore wind farms that are operated in-house, in collaboration with other players or for sale where the company can offer operational services. Rabbalshede Kraft was founded in 2005 and we currently manage 143 wind turbines, of which 83 turbines are self-owned or jointly owned. The electricity produced from the company’s wind farms in operation is sold on the open electricity market Nord Pool. Follow the company’s development at

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Published: 19 Jan 2021