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To the minority shareholders in Rabbalshede kraft AB (publ)

Sweden Holdco RK AB, 559093-4419 (“Sweden Holdco”) owns, per today, 91.9 % of the shares in Rabbalshede Kraft AB (publ), 556681-4652, (the “Company”) and has the intention of becoming the sole owner of the Company by acquiring the remaining shares in the Company. With this letter, Sweden Holdco offers all minority shareholders in the Company to sell the remaining shares to Sweden Holdco.

Sweden Holdco intends to initiate a squeeze out procedure (sw. Tvångsinlösen) if an agreement with all minority shareholders cannot be reached with this offer. Sweden Holdco intends to buy the remaining shares at a price of SEK 10.50 per share. The price for the shares in this offer is based on the issue price in the Company's June 2021 rights issuance.

If you wish to sell your shares in the Company in accordance with this offer, please download the attached contract note. The contract note should be sent no later than 29 April 2022, to and

Any questions related to this offer should be directed to:
Amelia Johansson:
Tony Guo:

Yours sincerely,
Jeff Mouland


Letter to the minority shareholders in Rabbalshede kraft AB (publ)

Contract note - Rabbalshede Kraft AB (publ)


Published: 11 Apr 2022