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What action Rabbalshede Kraft is taking due to the coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic are affecting many countries globally. Rabbalshede Kraft take the situation very seriously. For us, it is important that you as a client and partner feel safe when you work with us. This is why we want you to know what action we are taking regarding the coronavirus, Covid-19.

What action Rabbalshede Kraft is taking due to the coronavirus
The work environment of our employees is our top priority. It is important for us that everyone who works at Rabbalshede Kraft should feel safe going to work.

Rabbalshede Krafts main line of approach is to follow the authorities’ recommendations and ensure that everyone in the organisation has taken note of the information that we send out. All information is continuously distributed to all employees throughout the organisation via our internal channels. Depending on news updates from authorities, we make new decisions or allow previous decisions to remain in place.

We also remind and urge our employees and partners to follow the Public Health Agency of Sweden’s recommendations, pay attention to coronavirus symptoms and to be extra meticulous with hand hygiene. If you feel unwell, you are urged to stay at home until you are well again.

Rabbalshede Krafts ambition is that everyone who works with us should feel secure with our procedures, and we are well prepared for how we will act in various scenarios and possible cases of illness.

Rabbalshede Kraft monitors the situation closely and will update clients and partners if the situation changes. We also encourage you to contact us if more information is needed

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Communications and Human Resources Manager

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Published: 11 Jun 2020