Investor Relations

Investor Relations

Nomination committee

Cian McComb appointed by Manor Investment S.A (Treïs)
Johan Rosén appointed by Ernst Rosén Invest AB
Adam Thouret appointed by Sweden HoldCo RK AB (Greystone)
Chairman of the Board Stine Rolstad Brenna

In accordance with the guidelines adopted by Rabbalshede Kraft's Annual General Meeting in 2019 the company must have a nomination committee consisting of four individuals. Each one of the company’s three largest shareholders in terms of votes as of 30 September 2019, is entitled to appoint one member of the nomination committee. None of the three individuals appointed as above are to be members of the company’s board of directors. Furthermore, the nomination committee must include the chairman of the board, who is also tasked with convening meetings. The nomination committee elects a chairman, who may not be a board member, from among its ranks. The nomination committee has a mandate period until such time as a new nomination committee is appointed.

The nomination committee is tasked with preparing proposals for the annual general meeting concerning the number of board members to be elected by the meeting, directors’ fees, the chairman of the board and other board members, the chairman of the general meeting of shareholders, as well as electing auditors and determining auditors’ fees.

In the event that any of the three members of the nomination committee who were appointed by the three largest shareholders in terms of votes decides to step down from the committee ahead of time, the shareholder that appointed the member stepping down is entitled to appoint a new member. In the event that any of the three largest shareholders in terms of votes sells all, and not merely part, of its holding in the company before the nomination committee has completed its tasks, the fourth largest shareholder – not the shareholder that sold its holding – must appoint a new member, and so forth.