Investor Relations

Wind farms

A wind power investment is an investment that entails lower risk and better possibilities for healthy returns than many other alternatives.

A large portion of wind power investments in Sweden are already financed by investment companies, insurance companies and various investment funds. These groups are represented among our owners, which is one of our strengths and secures our position as a long-term partner.

We have many interesting wind-power projects in our portfolio. Together with already operating wind farms, this forms a particularly attractive offering for investors. Quality permeates all our projects, since every process is based on experience and established quality management systems.

The objects in our project portfolio are attractive due to their wind locations, because of our agreements with landowners, and due to the established permits from county administrative boards.

Technical wind power issues are often resource-intensive and solving these efficiently requires know-how and experience. We have developed industrialized processes for each operational stage - from preplanning to the construction and operation of wind farms. The fact that we both own and manage wind farms sets us apart from other industry operators and makes us a reliable and creative partner.

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