Investor Relations


Rabbalshede Kraft operates across all four Swedish price areas, all the way from Kalix to Falkenberg. Since 2008, we have identified favourable wind locations where we have constructed turnkey wind turbines and wind farms.

The wind farms owned, co-owned or managed by us produced 1,200 GWh in 2017. Our long experience has enabled us to ensure that our wind turbines are effective and well-run, making them attractive investments.

Wind power is undergoing rapid technological advancement. Taller, larger and more efficient wind turbines enable the establishment of profitable wind farms at lower electricity prices. Land-based wind power is competitive and is now an obvious alternative for investors in the electricity market.

We want to develop our portfolio and expand our wind turbine holdings to enable us to increase the volume of the sustainable electricity we deliver to the Nordic electricity market — or the electricity we deliver directly to companies and organizations through long-term power purchase agreements. At the same time, we are open for closer partnerships with other sustainable wind power investors.

When you invest in one of our wind-power projects, you can develop the project according to your preferences and at the same time have the security provided by the high quality of our preparatory work.

1 200 GWh

produced at the 22 wind farms that we own and operate

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