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Green hydrogen

Green hydrogen goes from clarity to clarity in terms of its role in the transition to a sustainable and fossil-free society. This becomes clear with the EU’s major investments in the sustainability area where green hydrogen is highlighted as a cornerstone in the transformation to a sustainable Europe. The EU and its member states are therefore investing billions in the area to enable this development.

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As an energy carrier hydrogen can convert large parts of the sectors that emit the most carbon dioxide: the transport sector and the industry. Within transport, hydrogen is expected to be the fuel, e.g. for heavy road traffic and shipping where batteries are not enough. Within industry, the fossil-based hydrogen used in processes also needs to be replaced. When this is done, it is important that the hydrogen gas used is produced from renewable energy sources (and thus “green”). In addition, green hydrogen production (electrolysis) can act as an energy storage and stabilize the electricity grid by being able to switch power from the wind farm between the electrolyzer and the electricity grid. Being able to offer flexibility and ancillary services to the grid are becoming increasingly important with the increasing degree of renewable energy in the electricity system.

Rabbalshede Kraft has a unique position to produce green hydrogen directly from the company’s renewable assets. We own our facilities throughout the whole lifetime, which enables the construction of hybrid parks – where wind power and/or solar power play in symbiosis with hydrogen production. Our renewable assets are strategically located close to hydrogen users, such as industries and fueling stations near highways. Rabbalshede Kraft’s concept is to connect the hydrogen plant directly in the renewable asset’s internal electricity grid and only using the asset’s electricity production as input to the green hydrogen production. In other words, we do not buy electricity from the electricity grid. Moreover, the only input is water (H20) to receive the products green hydrogen, oxygen gas and heat. The green hydrogen, as well as possible oxygen and heat, is planned to be delivered locally/regionally to customers, either via pipelines or road transport.

Rabbalshede Krafts project portfolio in green hydrogen includes a pilot project of approximately 1 MW electrolysis with planned gas delivery during 2022, as well as an industrial rollout of approximately three plants of a total of 50 MW during the period 2023-2025. All assets are strategically located in southern Sweden.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in collaborations within green hydrogen.