Investor Relations

Our main shareholders

During January 2021, TD Greystone Infrastructure Fund bacame a single majority owner when Treïs and Ernst Rosen sold their shareholding in Rabbalshede Kraft to TD Greystone Infrastructure Fund whose shareholding thus increases from 35% to 87%.

With the TD Greystone Infrastructure Fund as the single majority owner, we continue our profitable growth journey within a long-term ownership structure and a clear mission to, together with partners and local actors, shape tomorrow's sustainable and renewable energy. We want to challenge ourselves and the industry by developing new profitable ways to produce and refine renewable energy.

TD Asset Management

TD Asset Management ("TDAM") is a leading Canadian institutional money manager with approximately C$400 billion of assets under management. TDAM has offices in Toronto, New York, Montreal, Regina, Winnipeg, and Hong Kong​. The TD Greystone Infrastructure Fund ("TD GIF") is an open-ended fund with a global mandate that targets diversified mid-market infrastructure assets with attractive risk-adjusted returns, capable of providing predictable and stable cash flows over the long term. TD GIF forms part of the $30 billion Alternative Investments platform managed by TDAM. TD GIF's holding in Rabbalshede Kraft is held via its Swedish subsidiary, Sweden Holdco RK AB.