Investor Relations

CEO's statement

Through the first three quarters of the year, our work on ensuring long-term growth has intensified. We continued strengthening the company both structurally and in terms of our personnel.

We currently have several recruitments in progress, and we are working on developing our sales organization.


Mads Miltersen, CEO

Events during the period

Favorable winds prompted a recovery in production after a weak start to the year. Availability of our own and our customers’ wind turbines remained high, around 98%. Currently we are testing ANN at two farms, a system that allows us to detect discrepancies early on and thereby predict the need for service.

We are also expanding our collaboration with our sister company in France, Atalante, by bringing their 41 turbines into Breeze, our control system.

Over the year, we worked on our communication policy to ensure that we are adapting to the needs of our owners and customers.
This autumn, we produced a new website reflecting this work and the company’s adjustment to the market — please pay us a visit and see the results at

The development of our project portfolio is continuing, and we are now in the midst of the planning phase in a project for which we expect to take an investment decision early in 2019. In addition, we are working hard to develop partnerships with several players who are important to the company’s success.

Our service operations, with a focus on technical and financial management, are continuing to grow. In January 2018, we signed an agreement for financial management for seven turbines in Kalix, and in August we signed agreements for technical management of two turbines in Simmatorp. We see increasing partnership opportunities in the area of turbine management.

Our vision is to be on the leading edge as regards service, as well as electricity trading agreements with environmental profiles.

Mads Miltersen, CEO
Gothenburg, November 22, 2018

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