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Rabbalshede Kraft is a growing company, and we hope you want to grow with us. Our goal is to increase production and the number of managed turbines.

Want to work with us?

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Katharina Strömseng

Communications and Human Resources Manager

+46 (0) 725 26 57 22

We operate in an industry where the competition of knowledge and skills is marked by intense competition. We strive to be an attractive employer by investing in our employees and by continuously working with development.

We believe you will enjoy working with us if you appreciate having contact with customers and like to switch between your comfort zone and your learning zone. We offer in-service training and development possibilities that will enable you to manage a broader area of responsibilities. This is important as it strengthens our personal contact with customers. Accordingly, in-service training means that you can expect many different professional roles with us.

As a company we are involved with increasing interest in wind technology education programs at the industry level. This way, we can ensure that the standard of the program is as high as possible. We have taken an active role in the Swedish Wind Energy Association to be part of the industry’s development.