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Business policy

The business policy was drawn up in 2008 and is revised at least once each year before being adopted by the CEO and Board of Directors. The currently applicable business policy was adopted in May 2020.

Business policy
The business policy includes Rabbalshede Kraft AB and subsidiaries. The business policy addresses guidelines for quality, the environment, safety and personnel. The Company is certified in accordiance with SS EN ISO 14001 and SS EN ISO 9001.

Rabbalshede Kraft will participate in and lead the transition to a more sustainable energy system. We do this by developing, planning and establish land based wind farms and solar energy in the Nordic countries and through our own plants produce renewable electricity that is delivered to users in Europe and also by assisting other parties with support and services.

The company’s guidelines for operations are summarized in the following points:

  • We work proactively and professionally to extend wind turbine technical and economic life in order to get the best yield of renewable energy.
  • Rabbalshede Kraft shall be foresighted and constantly seek new information and new technology and opportunities for the company’s operations so as to contribute in the best possible manner to electricity from renewable sources increases so that it can replace electricity from fossil energy sources and thereby contribute to reduced climate impact.
  • Rabbalshede Kraft shall constantly improve its operations by establishing clear goals for quality, profitability, the environment and safety in order to satisfy the expectations that stakeholders place on the company.
  • Rabbalshede Kraft’s improvement concerns everyone in the Company and is an ongoing process, where each department is responsible for business policy compliance and development.
  • Rabbalshede Kraft shall comply with all applicable laws and other requirements that the company is affected by.
  • Rabbalshede Kraft shall work to reduce environmental impact, minimize consumption of natural resources and prevent contamination.
  • Rabbalshede Kraft shall have a safe working environment and offer a work climate that employees find stimulating and developing.

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