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We power a renewable future

At Rabbalshede Kraft, we help shape the energy of tomorrow. By developing, owning and operating sustainable energy sources, we produce electricity that can be delivered when and where the need is greatest.

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Join us in shaping the energy of tomorrow.

Kvinna ler och kollar ut genom ett fönster
Solar energy

Roof or land owner? Learn more about how you can lower your electricity costs by harvesting energy from the sun's rays.

Our pilot project

Follow our pilot project - The Green Hydrogen

Den gröna vätgasen
Green hydrogen

We are hitting the gas towards a renewable future!

Skog Vätgas

From woodland to wind farm

Wind farm Skaveröd/Gurseröd includes 11 wind turbines with a total output of 33.8 MW and an annual production of approximately 94 GWh. The project was commissioned in December 2014 and has been developed independently by Rabbalshede Kraft.

Skaverod Vindkraft

”Our strategy is still to own our assets long-term and not sell after commissioning”

– Peter Wesslau, CEO, Rabbalshede Kraft

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Solar, wind and hydrogen